Need to know which wood will be the best between Sheesham and Teak for your Temple, Swing or Furniture?  

We present here some information about Sheesham wood and Teak wood which should help you make an informed decision.

Sheesham wood vs Teak wood is one of the most frequently asked questions and one that leaves people muddled. The following are the key features one should consider before choosing the wood type.

Definition of Sheesham Wood (Rosewood)

It is a type of wood which is obtained from the Sheesham tree which is commonly found in the subcontinental regions of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It is found in areas which are humid and have high temperatures while the wood has large amounts of water present which makes it less water resistant. There is always the need to coat its stem with oil or some other lubricant to make sure the wood is not harmed by water.  It has many uses in the field of timber, furniture and for fuel in places where there is no electricity.

Definition of Teak Wood (Shagwan Wood)

This type of wood is obtained from Teak tree, this is present all over the world especially in places such as Caribbean and Asia. There is less water present in its stem and they are also water resistant. For this reason they are used in boat building and other high quality luxury furniture. They also have high amounts of oil present in the stem therefore they are not feasible to be used as fire burning materials but have many other uses which make it an important asset. They are found in regions which have less humidity and temperatures and therefore tend to be drier.

1. Texture

The major difference between Sheesham & Teak lies in their texture. Sheesham has a natural grain and marking with chestnut colour. Teak Wood is known for its smooth texture and grain with a distinctive yellowish-brown colour which usually matures into a silver-grey patina finish. If you need a solid colour finish, you should go for Teak Wood as it has a tightly-structured grain. Sheesham wood can still be worked upon to gain a similar finish but Teak dominates here.

2. Water & Termite Resistance

Sheesham has a high amount of water in it, so it is possible to bend it up to a certain amount with visible markings. However, this way it is also open to moisture damage. Teak Wood, on the other hand, has a greater amount of natural oils in it. This makes Teak resist moisture, fungi and even garden pest. So, in terms of Water and termite Resistance, Teak Wood comes out stronger than Sheesham Wood.

3. Oil Contents

As mentioned above, Teak has high amounts of oil present within its stem while Sheesham does not have any kind of oil contents in high amounts. Teak is water resistant because of the oil within it while Sheesham requires an oil coating on it if they are to be made water resistant. 

4. Weight

Teak wood is considered harder than the Sheesham wood. Teak has a denser texture and hence it is heavier. This is one of the reasons it is preferred over Sheesham in furniture. For small handicraft work, Sheesham is used.

5. Durability

Teak wood due to its higher density and being a water-resistant is considered more durable than Sheesham. Sheesham is prone to moisture because of higher water content. Also, Sheesham tends to warp under humid conditions, so Teak gets the points here.

6. Ease of Use

In terms of preference with artisans working on Furniture units by hand, Teak is preferred. The designs can be easily carved out in Teak Wood which looks better and distinguished rather than Sheesham Wood. However, Teak wood tends to wear-out cutting tools easily. That said Sheesham is still a favourite for some craftsmen and it has been used for generations.

7. Cost

Teak is more expensive than Sheesham due to termite resistivity, water resistivity, higher tensile strength, and durability. If you are looking for cost-effective wood, go for Sheesham and if money is not an issue, Teak will serve the best.

As we can see, Teak wood is more dominating in most aspects, but yes, we cannot deny the fact that the cost is something that everyone needs to consider. Both of them are special in their respective areas, if you ask us, our choice is always Teak wood!