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Buy Sevan Wood Temple UK

Buy Sevan Wood Temple UK
Buy Sevan Wood Temple UK
Buy Sevan Wood Temple UK
Buy Sevan Wood Temple UK
Buy Sevan Wood Temple UK
Buy Sevan Wood Temple UK
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Exclusively designed & crafted to perfection by our creative team.


Innovative, exquisite and unique products. All our products are designed, hand crafted & hold the Shubham hallmark for excellence in design, build & quality.  All our skilled craftsmen are carefully selected based on their expertise, deep knowledge &  specially trained to deliver the BEST in hand carving work

Shubham Crafts are based in UK, we hold a huge range of stock of all the items shown on our website, for this reason we are able to provide next day delivery for Marble Murtis and Temple delivery within 7 days

We only use certified Grade A Teak Wood & Marble without any compromises. There are 12 different types of Teak wood available in market. Price of the wood depends on type, grade and origin of the country it is from. We don’t cut corners and reduce price by using economic quality wood which has knots or cracks nor do we use low quality marble which has dents or milky cracks appearing on the marble stone

No fake promises of design & quality by just showing photos as you can come to our warehouse to check our wood and marble quality

Clear communication. No misunderstanding or mis-communication regarding dimensions, colours, quality or design for custom orders. Customers receive exactly what they ordered with no surprises!

You get full UK consumer rights, installation and after-sales service

Shubham Crafts provides a warranty for any defective, damaged, or erroneous parts and resolves/replaces without any additional cost. We always stand behind our products and provide the best assistance whenever needed

Don’t take unnecessary risks when you spend a large amount of money, buy only from genuine manufacturers

No heavy import duties or custom duty to pay! Most retailers in India don't mention the true value of the additional Import Duty you would need to pay once your product has arrived in the UK port - even if you get items for personal use, the UK Import Duty + handling fee's are mandatory. UK Customs will not accept a low value declaration in the invoice, hence you could end up paying a hefty import duty bill

Shubham Crafts standard of quality is very high, we do not accept anything but the best of the best craftsmanship, our team is highly experienced & skilled in what they do

Last but not least we are very proud of our excellent customer service standards as well as our products. Our business is centered around providing a very personal service - we not only custom design, manufacture and deliver, but we will also assemble and install the Temple fitted with LED light in your home

Buy Sevan Wood Temple UK
  • : Made-to-Order
  • sku: sc-md-tk-1051


Width54 inch
Height:72 inch
Depth:21 inch


  • High Quality Grade A - Available in Sevan & Teak Wood 
  • Intricate Hand Carved Wooden Temple for home
  • Marble Base & Elegant background design
  • Natural Teak Wood Varnish Finish
  • Beautiful Carved 3 Drawers - 3 Gumat
  • Arti Plate drawer
  • Contact us for Installation & Delivery quote
  • LED Light fitting option is also available if required
  • For Custom Order, we can customize this wooden temple to meet your requirements such as size, design, varnish colour, selves or any other features

Custom Design of Wooden Carved Temples & Marble Murtis

Looking for Genuine & Authentic Custom Wooden Carved Temple, Marble Murti or Wooden Swing for your home ?

We understand that for most people, purchasing a Temple or Marble Murti is a very personal and special purchase.  We know how difficult it is to find the PERFECT Temple for your home that ticks all the boxes and size requirements. That’s why we don't want our customers to compromise on design, features or size. It could be heart breaking and very upsetting if you spend so much money on buying a Temple and not get the right quality end product like you expected or was promised, not to mention the loss of your hard earned money.

That’s where Shubham Crafts are different and can help you, by using the finest quality genuine raw materials and combining this with authentic design that are truly appealing, eye catching and made with religious and Vastu Shatra aspects in mind.  We design and manufacture custom Marble Murtis & Teak Wood Temples for your home, Wooden Carved Indoor Swings (Jhoola’s) and other furniture for your home. A large variety can be seen at our warehouse, where you can see the quality of our craftsmanship as well as the shear variety of styles and sizes that we can make ranging from 2ft to 7ft wide.

Any of our Temples can be made in any size requirement in Sevan or Teak wood. You can choose the design for each part of the Temple from our library to make your own Unique Temple, so you don’t have to compromise on any feature, design or size. 

Most people only buy a Temple once in their lifetime so we aim to tick all the boxes by making the perfect temple for your home. 

Our business is centered around providing a very personal service - we not only custom design, manufacture and deliver, but we will install your Temple in your home complete with professionally fitted LED lights.

If you have specific requirements, i.e. wall mounting, Temples with cabinets beneath, corner Temple, floor standing Temple, Temples with doors or curtain or with any special feature and specific size requirements etc. please get in touch with us and we will design something very special and bespoke for you. Each Wooden Temple is crafted carefully keeping in mind the client’s requirements and religious aspects related to the temple.

If you need any help or advice on making or finding your perfect Wooden carved temple in Teak or Sevan wood, please contact us on 0777 654 8585

Any of ours or your given design of Marble Murtis can be custom made to order in any size or colour requirement from 1 piece of pure white marble stone. Whether you want a Marble Murti in plain natural White Marble with gold highlights or full colour, we can make your PERFECT Marble Murti that will tick all your boxes without any compromises, please contact us on 0777 654 8585
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